Snowmobile Rentals of Lincoln, NH L.L.C.
514 US Rt 3 Lincoln, NH 03251
Phone: 603-238-2571 Cell: 603-348-7941
21. How long are the tours? We give approximate times 1 hr., 2hrs, etc...,
but depending on speed and trails traveled mechanical failures,
accidents.....etc. we strongly recommend allowing a wide range of time for
that day.
22. How big are the tours?  Generally, no bigger than 5 sleds to a guide,
unless it's a private group or cooperate function.
23. Must I wear a helmet? Yes.
24. Can I bring my own Helmet? Yes, as long as it is a Double shielded
DOT certified. No bicycle or ski helmets allowed. We clean our helmets with
steam and chemicals after each use, and we also sell "head socks".
25. Can we bring food or beverages? Yes
26. Can we switch drivers? We do not like to allow this, as it can
dramatically slow a tour down to the beginning  speed.
27. Should I know hand signals?  Yes. We will go over them before the
tour.  It's also fun to learn them ahead of time.
28. How far apart should we travel on the trail?  We recommend at least
5 sleds apart and 1 sled length when completely stopped. Snowmobiles have
a tendency to slide when brakes are applied abruptly.
29. Unguided questions???  We do not deliver or allow overnight rentals.
All sleds must be returned by 4pm sharp.
30. Where can you ride on a snowmobile?- any marked trail in NH.
While this gives you a rough idea of what you need to know or expect, do
not hesitate to call us at SledVentures to further assist you with one of the
more adventurous days you'll ever have!!!