Franconia Notch Over The Top Tour: SledVentures rolls out a new
Every Monday and Friday, non-holiday periods, we will cruise
through the Franconia Notch and then rise up high above the
beautiful White Mountains on the Cannon Mountain Areal Tram to
try and catch some incredible scenery. While there we can have lunch
or maybe just chill out for a hot chocolate.  This is one of our favorite
rides and perhaps if you are lucky enough to experience this, it will
become a favorite of yours as well.  The total driving time is
approximately 2 hours. Capacity is limited, so don't hesitate - sure
would hate to see the tram leave without you!  

Mega Midweek Mountain Adventure Tour: Specifically designed for
riders who are ready to travel trail speeds. So if you love to ride and
you have been there done that or have you? Tuesdays and Thursdays
only. Designed for intermediate riders and above. We STRONGLY
recommend riding single on this tour. Approx. 4 hrs. (up to 8-hours)
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